Our team uses the latest techniques to help patients like you regain mobility, prevent injuries, and lead a healthy and fulfilling life.

It’s extremely satisfying for all of us at SPS Helensburgh to help patients overcome pain, regain optimal health, and enjoy sports and all athletic activities.

Many patients come to us in serious pain and discomfort and are almost ready to give up their favourite activities. Within the first few sessions, patients see progress and get on the road to regaining their freedom and performance.

And it’s also extremely satisfying to help patients prevent injuries and reach a new level of performance through physiotherapy.

We have been supplying Clutha Health First it’s Physiotherapy service since 2006.

Our services include:

  • Outpatient:
    Musculoskeletal,Respiratory and Neurological conditions are assessed and treated within the Physiotherapy department.
  • Inpatient:
    The Medical and Maternity wards are covered twice daily.
  • Domicillary:
    For patients who are unable to access the department or for mobility assessment.
  • Gym Rehabilitation & Hydrotherapy:
    The near by Centennial pool and gym are utilised for rehabilitation purposes.
  • Pilates Rehabilitation:
    Within the department our Pilates reformer is utilised in patients rehabilitation plans.

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